Hey everybody! Today we’re gonna do something a little different. We’re going to do mythbusters of engagements/wedding planning process and all the chaos that comes with it. The way we’re gonna go about this is we have 10 questions and we each have one true card. Don’t show it yet! We’re gonna ask the question and then we are both gonna flip up either a “true” card or a “false” card as to what we think the answer to that question is.

Game show style. Exactly. Let’s dive right in. False! What? I don’t know if I actually believe it. I’m just saying true because that’s what I did. Don’t start planning the wedding the day after you get engaged because like he’s gone to so much trouble to like pay for a beautiful ring and plan all of this. You should like live in the moment a little bit before you go, you know, jump into even bigger planning processes. We were actually just sitting down and talking with one of our friends who does wedding planning.

Yes. And they said that it only takes four months to plan a wedding so most people– – It’s like easiest to plan in four months. – Yeah, yeah, and it’s less stress so don’t.

Question number two. True or False? False. False, but we actually have a wedding planner and I would recommend a wedding planner because it does make the process so much easier. It takes so much stress off of you. Yes, wedding planners cost money but in the end, I do think it’s worth it.

But for some people who are like really hands on, they want to do every little detail, a wedding planner kind of does that for you so. Okay, question number three. ASAP. True. Yes, this one is true people. Like, I’m sorry, but when you get engaged, run to the venue you want and book it. There are so many weddings out there, it’s so hard. Like years in advance you gotta book it.

Yes. It’s insane. It’s crazy. Now I will tell you if you have a very, very small wedding, venues are very easy to get into. Not very easy, but easier. You want to have a wedding on a Saturday which is really hard because like there’s only so many Saturdays in a year. So there’s 52 Saturdays in a year actually.

Question number four. It is, it is and it isn’t. It’s stressful. There’s so many details, there’s so many people to please. Even though it is our day, it’s kind of like everybody’s day so it’s a stressful process. Not to mention, costs a fortune, takes a long time to plan, there’s a lot of moving parts. Yeah, there’s a lot of details that go into it that really can bog you down and distract you from the fact that, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, we’re actually getting married here, this is gonna be like the biggest thing that we ever do in our entire lives.

Yes. So don’t lose sight of that, that’s an important thing to remember. Question number five. No! Definitely not. No no no! This is probably going to be the most stressful part for everybody. It was the most stressful part for us. Still is. For sure. It’s tough because like you have all these friends that you meet in high school and college, at your work, and you’re like oh my gosh, that person’s always been so great to me, so kind, so supportive. I wanna invite them to the wedding. Look, people understand. You shouldn’t feel guilty not inviting somebody.

No, and I’m gonna tell you right now, you’re gonna be put in an awkward position. Question number six. Definitely not. No. I made the mistake of like going into stuff like oh you have to be involved in everything, it like means so much, I want him to do, I wanted him to be involved in every single question and detail and whatever. And then I slowly was like no, I don’t anymore, I’m sorry. Well, and, I mean it’s just a fact of life that the bride is gonna care more about all the ins and outs because this is something that they’ve dreamed about for …Yeah.

A while and the groom is just like, I don’t care. Yeah. Number seven! Don’t do it, it’s a bad life decision. Okay I put both up. What? Wait, hold on, there’s a reason. Only because I kinda thought this at the beginning, but now I’m way on this side. Why did you think that? We dreamed the wedding. That’s how like some girls do. Some girls do. Weddings are expensive. I figure it’s gonna take, no matter what kind of wedding you want, it’s gonna take a ton of money to pay for it.

Now, having gone through this process I have learned you don’t have to and you should not. There’s so many different things that you can do. So you need to negotiate and research. Negotiate for sure because people take advantage of weddings. Guys, this is also a bad time to say super extreme things like honey, we could either use this money to pay for a wedding or we could use this money to fund our kid’s education in the future. I said that, I don’t know if she’s forgiven me yet still and that was a couple months ago.

Slowly talk the woman off the cliff in a very loving manner. It might take, it took me like two months to talk her off the cliff. I think it’s really important that you just agree on a budget up front before you start the wedding planning process and just stick to it. Or at least as best as you possibly can.

Number eight. Don’t do it. No. If you let the wedding take over your engagement, it might ruin your engagement. Yeah. There’s more important things in life and I think the relationship should always be the top priority. Definitely. Boys, still take your fiance on dates and do sweet little things. I haven’t been doing a good job with that. You’ve been doing a great job. Just because you’re engaged and you’re planning a wedding doesn’t mean you should like look over the fact that you’re still dating and in a relationship and you still need to like grow and find out more things about each other.

You should never stop dating. No. Even when you’re married. No, you should not. Just date your wife, not other people though. Yes, only your wife. Number nine. If there’s a disagreement, which there’s going to be plenty, I promise, one side should back down so there is no conflict at all. No! Argue. It’s okay. In a loving way. It’s okay to argue and have conflict. It’s not okay to be super immature when you fight. Find this compromise. The number one rule in our relationship is transparency just in general. Honesty.

And like communication. Yes. And so with arguments, with disagreements, yes you should argue, you should work it out, converse. Figure it out!

Number 10. Sorry. No! Not true. Not at all. Not even remotely so. You propose because you want to know more about that person and continue to know more about the person. Don’t give up on that. Reading books really helped us understand marriage is all about growing together and you’re not gonna be married to the person 10 years from now that you married today. Yeah, we’re always changing, we’re always growing, we’re always kind of becoming a new person and so when you sign up for engagement and for marriage, you’re signing up to marry whoever that person is going to be 10, 20, 30, 50 years down the road. But it’s this responsibility that we have to each other, that I have to you and you have to me to make sure that that change is positive, you know? Yes, definitely.

So it’s a pretty cool thing, marriage is. – Very. Those are our 10 kinda defunked, debunked myth busters true or false questions that we’ve learned through our engagement and wedding process. Thank you for tuning in. Make sure you subscribe. We’re gonna start releasing more videos in the coming weeks.

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